Kids Beginner Knitting

Saturday Mornings (2)

January 8 & 15, 2022


Ages: 6-13
Skill Level: Beginner

Required Materials: Bring along a set of Size 9 straight (wood or bamboo work best for beginners.)


This class makes the perfect gift for the child who has been wanting to learn to sew! If you purchase this class as a gift we will even email you a printable PDF certificate for the occasion!

Has your child always wanted to learn how to knit but you don't know where to start? This class will get them started!

You will learn the very basics of knitting as we craft a simple knit eyeglass case or stuffed kitty friend in these two classes.

Knitting can be a wonderfully calming activity that keeps our brains engaged and also helps us to unwind in the cold winter months when we all tend to get a little stir crazy!


Would you rather learn to knit in a private/ semi-private setting? Check out our Private Lesson Page for more information.

1/8-1/15 Kids Beginner Knitting