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New Year's Resolution Series-

Learn to Crochet

Thursday Evenings

*Start date postponed to 1/11

(A third class will be rescheduled)

January 4, 11 & 18, 2023



Age: Adult 16+

Skill Level: Beginner


Required Materials: Crochet hook Size G or H. We will provide the initial yarn but you will need to purchase more for the homework


Our New Year's Resolution Series is brand new this year! We wanted to provide an opportunity for you to really develop a new skill. It can be a challenge to teach your hands a new skill as an adult but over three classes we will help to you to do just that. Learning a new skill is achievable if you continue practicing. In this class we will have a week long practice period between each class. During that time you will work on a 'homework assignment' and follow a recommended crochet routine to help build your new skills. By the end of the three classes you should be well on your way with a fantastic new craft!

1/11- 1/18 Resolution- ADULTS Learn to Crochet

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