Kids Vegan Cook & Bake  Soup/Foccacia

Saturday Morning

October 9, 2021



Ages 6-13

Skill Level: Beginner


This is the Kids Vegan Baking class of my dreams...We will put all of those fast-food breakfast sandwiches to shame and prove that a 'sausage, scramble and cheese" can be cruelty-free AND absolutely delicious! And let's throw a side of fruit salad in there too because it's sweet and tasty and why not?


What's On the Menu?

Seasonal Veggie Soup 



This multi-age class will encourage older bakers to help the younger chefs/bakers and is great for siblings to attend together! We will spend the morning baking and cooking and sit down to eat our delicious feast at 12:00pm. Send a container along for some leftovers! All ingredients will be completely vegan. We will use 100% organic flour, sugar and soy products in our baking.


Allergy Warning: This class WILL contain gluten and may contain peanuts. Handwork House is also home to two loveable but furry cats.

10/9 KIDS Vegan Cook & Bake- Soup/Foccacia