Plant Dye Basics Complete Rainbow Series
Saturday Afternoons (3)
September 17th (Yellows)

October 8th (Blues)

November 12th (Reds)


Ages: Adults and Teens 16+

Skill Level: Beginner

If you are curious about the art of plant dyeing this is the class for you. Each Fall we offer workshops exploring the local plants that provide us with a rainbow of color.  This year we are switching things up and offering three seperate workshops focusing on the three primary colors.

This listing includes all three workshop dates in the series at a 10% discounted price!

Participants can expect to learn the basics of preparing, dyeing and caring for plant dyed yarns and fabrics . We will have a variety of cotton and wool yarn and fabric swatches available to create a rainbow color pallette.  This is a great class for people who want to know where to start with plant dyeing.


Checkout these links to sign up for one workshops in the series only:

Plant Dye Series (Yellows)- September 17th

Plant Dye Series (Blues)- October 8th

Plant Dye Series ( Reds)-November 12th




Plant Dyes (Complete Rainbow Series)