Kids Vegan Baking- Valentine Donuts

Saturday Morning

February 5, 2022



Ages 6-13

Skill Level: Beginner


Today we will celebrate the upcoming Valentines Day in the only way it should be celebrated... by frying and sharing heart shaped donuts with friends. That's love.


This multi-age class will encourage older bakers to help the younger bakers and is great for siblings to attend together! We will spend the morning baking and cooking and sit down to eat our delicious feast at 12:30pm. Send a container along for some leftovers! All ingredients will be completely vegan. We will use 100% organic flour, sugar and soy products in our baking.


Allergy Warning: This class WILL contain gluten and may contain peanuts. Handwork House is also home to five loveable rescue cats.

2/5 KIDS Vegan Baking-Valentine Donuts