Holiday Plop & Shop

Friday Evenings

December 10 or 16, 2022



Ages: 5+up


The Holiday season is upon us.  You deserve a break from the children in your life who, strangley, seem to get more strange this time of year.  And for some strange reason parents are expected to do even more than usual?! We have a sweet (however brief) solution to this annual problem...Plop your little weirdos with the kind folks here at Handwork House.  We will have some cozy, wintery craft stations set up and, as always, an endless supply of board games and fun! Our Patchwork Gift Shop will be set up out back in the Patchwork Pavilion so you can start there! Not a fan of Shopping?...head out to dinner!  Hate eating?...go take a nap! Whatever works for you.  We'll take care of the kiddos. 

Holiday Plop & Shop