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Hagatha and Hildy are here!

I'm still getting the hang of this modern business stuff... Post a picture on Instagram, copy it to Facebook, then write a blog post? Is that right? We shall see. Business is slowly building interest and while business is slow...(I mean slowly growing) I have been spending my days working on some personal projects that can showcase my abilities and help me work out some new classes.

Today I brought these two lovely sisters into the world. I'm pleased to introduce you to my new babies... Hagatha and Hildy. They are not quite as beautiful as my other daughters but we'll just keep that between us. I have fun plans for these two and I hope it all works out as nicely as I pictured in my head. (That always works out right?)

These masks were needlefelted out of wool. If you have ever built up a piece of pottery out of coils this is pretty similar to that. I created various sizes of wool coils by wrapping the wool tightly around my fingers and stretching the coils out and tacked them down to a wool felt base with a felting needle. I just kept building up layers and rearranging coils and then I placed very thin layer of wool over to to smoothe out some of the rough areas. It's a very forgiving art. The key is to go slow and steady. Once you get into a groove your arm and the needle should move like a well oiled felting machine.

I hope you stay tuned to see what kind of trouble these two get themselves into. Oh...and tell all of your friends to sign up for a class at Handwork House!!

Learning is fun- pass it on.

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